A. There is a minimum of 2 days (48hrs) to cancel your order as it will stop other customers being able to hire out the equipment, there will be 100% charge of the hired item. (Non refundable) Deposit will be fully refunded at Solace’s discretion.

A. The minimum hire period is 5 days.

A. Yes, Solace will show you how to use any equipment safely that you are wanting to hire out before you leave our premises or Solace departs at the delivery address requested.

A. All ordering will be done on our website and you will get your own Order ID number.

A. Yes, if you see on our homepage, under our logo, there is a blue digital accessibility icon that you can change contrast, font, size and colours to make you feel at ease reading our website.

A. We accept credit or debit card. (Cash not accepted)

A. You can extend your hire period, you would need to go back onto our website and see if you can hire out the same equipment for your chosen extension. A new order ID will be given. (Please note it is still a minimum of 5 days) If it has already been hired out, when your hire period has expired, Solace will still either pick up or you drop off the equipment at the end of your contract period due to another customer hiring it out.

A. Solace requires a deposit in case there is significant damage to our equipment or it is lost or stolen as that product would need to be replaced to Solace mobility rentals. There will be a £25 charge to the deposit if soft furnishings become soiled.

A. If Solace is happy with the condition when picking up the equipment at the end of the rental period, Solace will refund the full deposit between 5-7 working days, but will take a one off fee of £3.00 for administration.

A. Solace does not accept any of our equipment to go overseas. It is for UK rental only.  If it does go abroad, Solace will class the equipment as stolen and 100% charge of the item will be claimed by Solace.

A. All of our equipment has a maximum user weight capacity on each individual item to ensure safety.

A. We will aim to replace the item within same or 1 working day, however circumstances with availability for same or generic product may vary, but will try our hardest to replace like for like.

A. If it is an electrical/ battery motorised  then this would be the hirer’s responsibility to have insurance before renting out our equipment . Solace will not be liable for any accident or injury caused to the sole person using the equipment or any other unauthorised party.

A. Solace will show you how to use the equipment safely and what needs to be  on charge so you have the maximum usage of your equipment that you are renting, you will be required to sign a declaration and agree that Solace has given you safe instructions on how to use the equipment before collection from Solace’s premises or before Solace’s departure when delivered to desired premises on the website order.

A. The minimal hire period is 5 days so you can ask for us to collect or drop it off at our premises but there will be the full charge of the minimum 5 day contract, even if you don’t use the full 5 days, deposit will be fully refunded but we will take a one off fee of £3.00 for administration.

A. We can help with any questions you may have about our equipment. You can give us a call or by email.

A. There are dimensions on our website which would be the hirers responsibility to ensure that our equipment will fit into the room requested and doorways to get into the premises. There will be 100% charge of the item if it doesn’t fit. (Deposit fully refunded). Solace will only deliver to ground floor with the heavier items such as beds and rise & recliners to avoid injury.

A. You may hire out more than one piece of equipment. Each item has a separate deposit, which will be fully refunded when the contract ends and Solace is satisfied the equipment is not damaged, which will be 5-7 working days. (There will be a one off fee of £3.00 for administration).

A. Unfortunately, Solace can not give a partial refund as the minimum hire period is 5 days.

(Solace can not be held accountable for the weather in the UK).

A. We will deliver. Between 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, but will give a courtesy call 1/2hr before arrival.